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We are recruiting for five positions.

Senior Payroll Professionals

Delivering exceptional service to clients, we operate with a passion and sharp focus on providing industry leading expertise and deep payroll knowledge to clients. Due to significant growth, there is a requirement for technical and experienced Senior Payroll Specialists to join the team of fully trained and experienced Payroll professionals based in Kilkenny.

The Senior Payroll Specialist will have responsibility for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Preparation of weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly payrolls
  • Payroll implementation
  • Calculation of PAYE, PRSI, USC, Pensions and all other statutory/voluntary deductions
  • Domestic and International Payroll
  • Provide secure payslips for employees through email or self-service portal
  • Liaising directly with Clients
  • Audit of Payroll and processes/ procedures
  • Completion of new starters and leavers registrations
  • Dealing with all aspects of the payroll process, BIK, share awards, pension and other voluntary and statutory deductions
  • Utilising payroll knowledge and experience to support clients in short and medium term project engagements on domestic and international payroll e.g. payroll provider transitions, payroll process reviews, audits and short term staff shortages;
  • Other such duties in connection with payroll processing, issue resolution and client relations as may arise from time to time.

This is an opportunity to join a progressive employer with a dept of experience where you will develop professionally while working in a supportive and inclusive environment.

About CR Payroll Solutions

Ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time is a critical success factor for any company.

As with any company, setbacks do happen that inhibit or even derail scheduled payroll timelines such as key staff going on leave, e.g. sick/unexpected leave, maternity/paternity leave or annual leave; unforeseen natural disasters or outages; and unexpected projects. In this event, CR Payroll Solutions proven experience ensures that your payroll needs are taken care of seamlessly.

Our highly trained and experienced payroll specialists are familiar with all major payroll vendors.

CR Payroll Solutions specialises in providing emergency payroll to organisations and companies of all sizes.

Customers engage with CR Payroll Solutions to de-risk their payroll and to ensure a consistent and reliable cover plan. Payroll is a crucial and time critical business process.

CR Payroll Solutions provides businesses with short term payroll cover to ensure that the payroll function continues to run smoothly in a variety of circumstances.

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