FRS Recruitment

Recruitment Opportunities

Approximately 100 jobs within the South East of Ireland across a wide range of sectors.

We recruit across a wide range of industries, Commercial including accounting and finance, Construction, healthcare, technical engineering and IT.

We are offering free flights home for placed Irish expats. Find out more >> https://www.frsrecruitment.com/moving-to-ireland/

About FRS Recruitment

At FRS Recruitment, we like to say we are made different. We started out as an agricultural co-operate in 1980, a heritage that is important to us as it guides the way we work today.

We have since grown into a multifaceted, industrial, technological and highly specialised co-operative recruitment agency. We span a huge breadth of industries and hire specialised consultants with specific interests from one of our ten offices nationwide.

We build partnerships:

We get to know your business, it’s culture and your expectations. You are the expert in what your business does best and when you partner with us, we will give you our insight, expertise and experience in what we do best- innovative recruitment.

We build careers:

Candidates trust us because we take an interest in not only their career, but also their personal requirements and goals. We give honest advice that comes from years of experience in recruitment.

We know our market:

And are happy to share! Each of our consultants is an expert in their field and will gladly share their insights with you. They are passionate about recruitment, their industry and are up to date on developments in their sector. We are established, trusted and growing, we work for you.

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