Irish Water

Recruitment Opportunities

Recruiting for 10 positions, a mix of technical (engineering, GIS, environmental regulation, IT) and non-technical (HR, finance, customer operations).

About Irish Water

Incorporated in July, 2013 as a company under the Water Services Act 2013, Irish Water brought water and wastewater services of the 31 local authorities together under one national service provider. We are responsible for the operation of all public water and wastewater services including:

  • Management of national water and wastewater assets
  • Maintenance of the water and wastewater system
  • Investment and planning
  • Managing capital projects
  • Customer care and billing

We are also responsible for all of the capital investment decisions and implementation of the capital programme delivery across the country.

Water is one of our most valuable resources and essential for sustaining life. It has shaped our landscape, dictated the location of our cities, protected our health and fuelled our economic development in Ireland.

For a long time, Ireland’s water network has served us reasonably well, but it now faces serious challenges. By improving water conservation and working together, we can ensure sustainable water services for Ireland into the future.

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